Based in Los Angeles, Lucas Paz has, according to recognized Industry Professionals Pepe Serna (Scarface), Halder Gomes (Cine Holliúdy), Fabiana Karla (Zorra Total), Gerson Sanginitto (Area Q) and André Mattos (Narcos), consistently directed movies that "push the creative and the technical boundaries of what films could/should be", "are worth unique artistic style and bring special vision of the world", "invite us to a deep journey through imagination", "give space for the actors to perform their best selves on the big screen in order to touch us, the audience" "Lucas is such an imaginative young director whom each actor would want to work with, watch out for this young Brazilian filmmaker"  

Lucas Paz is a Brazilian multimedia artist in Cinema, Theatre and Visual Arts. 

Bachelor’s in theatre directing by the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil.

MFA in Filmmaking by New York Film Academy (NYFA) in Los Angeles, US.

Professional Actor with 22 years of stage experience, Lucas was member of Alumiar Cenas & Cirandas for 11 years, learning acting, improv., body expression, capoeira, basic percussion, singing, drawing. Lucas is certified as professional actor by the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts of Federal University of Ceará, Brazil.  

Director, Producer and Light Designer for the last 9 years, Lucas directed plays, artistic interventions, shorts and music videos. He worked as Media Coordinator for the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival (LABRFF).

Director of "MoAciR: Children of Pain", "Inrooted", "Sigh", "Sets Foot outside the House Door", "Los Angeles", "Love, Shoes and Death", "Under Water: Dive Deep", "Duplicitous", "Erase Me". This last one was about a disturbed transgender looking for her long lost father back in the 80's. Lucas is always very curious to study marginalized social groups as part of his research as creator. He believes film may be the perfect media to immerse a society thirsty for catharsis in a fictional world that explores gritty and harsh social realities from the real world in order to educate while entertaining the crowds in that ‘fantasy’ world”.   

Lucas is CEO of (PRE)FORMA-SE Artistic Productions since 2010 and is an Art Lover.