pOrtfolio of AChieved DreamS

Here you have the chance to learn more about the vision and style we develop in our works as Director.

Under Water: Dive Deep

Under Water:

Dive Deep

Short film 2016




What if you were to lose someone you deeply love? 
Under Water chronicles Sii's fantastic journey to accept her son’s untimely death at sea. 
A Woman who has lost her son at sea returns to the place where he drowned and takes a swim.

Drown or Sail? 
After her swim she encounters surreal quirky characters from diverse social backgrounds, each one with their own different life issues and inner flaws, that will help her in an unusual way to cope with her loss and find reasons to move forward. Dive Deep

Erase Me

Erase Me

Short film 2017


18 min.


1987. A disturbed transgender working as a stripper to save money for a sex change learns that an abusive plastic surgeon who rapes her is the biological father she is looking for.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Music Video 2015

5 min.



In the city of liquid dreams

love and relationships develop like tides of the ocean: inconstant, surprising and overwhelming.