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Lucas paz




“Despite successful marketing results, uniting art and pop culture seems to be an obsolete and overused formula since after the world brought us Duchamp and Warhol. Uniting art, pop culture and social causes seem to be a less explored combination yet to find its full potential

and purpose. Film may be the perfect media to immerse a society thirsty for catharsis in a fictional world that explores gritty and harsh social realities from the real world in order to educate while entertaining the crowds in that ‘fantasy’ world”.

PAZ, Lucas - Aug, 3rd, 2016



2-11 November 2017 - "Under Water: Dive Deep" Screening at Directors Circle Festival of Shorts 2017 Erie, PA (US) 



30th October-5th November 2017 - "Under Water: Dive Deep" Screening at Paris Lift-Off Film Festival 2017, Paris (FRA) 

@ Le Lucernaire, 53 Rue Notre Dame des Champs, 75006 Paris, France



17 October 2017 - "Under Water: Dive Deep" Screening at 4th Glendale International Film Festival,CA (US)



04 October 2017 - "Match" Screening at 4th Marina Del Rey international Film Festival, CA (US)



23 September 2017 - "Match"Screening at 10th Angaelica Festival of Arts and Ecology, CA (US)


09 August 2017 - "Vestes de Quê" Brazilian Book Release at BNB Clube, Fortaleza, CE (BRA)




07 August 2017 - Masterclass: Cinematographic Production in Los Angeles: Phases and Work Ethics through the Director's Perspective, Travessa da Imagem, Fortaleza, CE (BRA)



05 August 2017 - Official Ceremony for entitling Lucas Paz as Correspondent Academic Member at Academy of Letters of Limoeiro do Norte & "Vestes de Quê" Book Release, Limoeiro do Norte, CE, (BRA)



29 July 2017 - "Vestes de Quê" Worldwide Book Release at Harvest English Institute, Los Angeles, CA (US)


20-23 July 2017 - "Marés" Art Exhibition Worldwide Inauguration at Galpão Super 8 Fortaleza, CE (BRA) 




July 2017 - "Under Water: Dive Deep" Screening at 2nd Filmstrip International Film Festival (ROM)



April 2017 - "Under Water: Dive Deep" Screening at 2nd Barcelona Planet Film Festival (SPA)


11 May 2017 - "Under Water: Dive Deep" Screening at 1st Digital Box Office Awards + Screening Series (USA)


6 Apr 2017 - "Under Water: Dive Deep" Screening at 4th Gardencity international Film Festival 2017 (IND)



Mar 2017 - "Under Water: Dive Deep" Screening at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards 2017 (USA)


16 Oct 2016 - "Under Water: Dive Deep" Screening at XIV Cine Pobre Film Festival (MEX)



19 Sep 2016 - "Under Water: Dive Deep" Screening at 9th Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival (USA)


















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